$1 DIMESALE: Essential WordPress Plugins: Brand New for 2016


    Essential WordPress Plugins:  Brand New for 2016


    This report covers the best of the best WordPress Plugins

    WordPress is an easy way to build sites.

    But it needs plugins (extensions) to make it work exactly the way you want it to.

    Over the years, I’ve installed a lot of different plugins for WordPress. A mixture of good, bad and indifferent.

    Some work as promised.

    Others you seem to need to do the right incantations before anything happens.

    And others promise the earth but most of the promised options are paid for,

    This report covers the best of the best.


    You’ll discover the best WordPress plugins for all the following options:

    • Security – like it or not, hackers like WordPress. This plugin stops them in their tracks. It also speeds up your WordPress site without the need for an extra cacheing plugin.
    • Membership – forget expensive plugins like WishList. This plugin has 4 membership levels (more than you’re likely to need for all but the most complicated membership sites) and integrates with PayPal so that you can sell subscriptions.
    • Contact form/surveys/quizzes – this simple plugin does all of these and more. It’s well supported and there’s a bunch of add-ons that will make it really jump through hoops if you need it to.
    • Social sharing – help people to share your site on all the major social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Choose how obtrusive or unobtrusive your sharing buttons are and whether they’re static or float on the page.
    • Code snippets – sometimes WordPress is frustrating if you’re trying to add things like PayPal buttons to your site. This simple plugin lets you copy the code into a regular box, give it a name and then you can put it on any page you like. Which is also very useful if you’ve got the code on more than one page as it saves you from having to update it in lots of places.
    • Exclude pages – I use this all the time to stop my WordPress menus getting cluttered with what seems like hundreds of pages. Just tick a box to include or exclude it from the list.
    • Exclude from search – if (like me) you have posts and pages that you want to keep from prying eyes, it’s no use just telling Google not to index them. This simple plugin lets you tick a box to tell WordPress not to include the page when someone searches on your site. Until I discovered this plugin, all my product download pages were available at the click of a search on my site!
    • SEO – no real surprise that this is the Yoast SEO plugin. Because it’s the best and it’s well supported and you should be doing SEO by default and this makes it super-easy to do so.
    • Link Cloaker – this isn’t Pretty Link which I find irritating. But it’s one that works and allows you to split where a link goes (so you could use it for split testing) and keeps track of clicks. And it cloaks all those ugly looking links so they look normal if someone hovers over them
    • Database backup – boring but could be a life saver as it means you’re not relying on your host to backup your website. Set it and forget it unless or until something nasty happens. Then you’ll be really glad you installed it!
    • Stats – if like me you don’t really want Google to know every time someone breathes near your website then it’s worth having a stats package that’s there every time you log in to your WordPress site. And one that doesn’t clog up your website hosting. This works, has lots of info and is free.
    • Related posts – there are lots of these around. You may even have YARP installed – it’s one of the earliest and is still quite good. But I like the one I’m suggesting better as it gives more granular control over what’s shown – that’s important for me as I don’t wnt my product download pages shown as related!
    • Facebook pixel – retargeting is something lots of people are doing nowadays. Those creepy adverts that stalk you on Facebook because you visited their site. Retargeting works and this plugin makes sure that you



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