[$1] WP Viral Speed Lock (PLR Available)


    [$1] WP Viral Speed Lock (PLR Available)


    The Ultimate Viral Lead Collecting System


    Create Unlimited Speed Countdown Viral Pages



    • The Power of The Time Limit – Increase Your Conversions with Time Limit Lock System
      The timed countdown can by any number of minutes ranging from 1 to 99 minutes. This allows you to showcase a ebook graphic, video or image that indicate the countdown. Once the time hits 0 it will fade away the free viral options and display the payment options that will cookie as well to make sure the fast-action offer is now locked. This is perfect to create suspense and will increase conversions the more you use it.


    • Collect Email Leads With Ease Paste Your Auto-Responder Code to Setup in Seconds
      Collect email leads using any of your favorite email auto responder service such as Aweber. Just copy and paste in your HTML form auto-responder into the options panel form and it will automatically connect it to the styled optin box that appears on your page. It’s fast and easy. You can collect leads from new twitter traffic or from users who do not have twitter accounts. Two ways to increase your overall conversions.


    • Easy to Setup and Install – Only Takes a Small Effort to Setup a New Speed Lock Page
      A easy to use wordpress plugin that is simple to upload as a .zip in the Plugins area in your wordpress blog. Click the activate button and you will be able to create new Speed Lock pages that will give you all the options to make high converting lead collecting and traffic generating pages. You can create as many pages as you would like. Its very fast to setup just like any other wordpress plugin.


    • Facebook + Mobile Enabled – Ready To Fit The Size & Scale for Facebook and Mobile
      All of your pages will respond to the size of your web broswer if you have a smaller resolution the page will scale to fit. This also works to fit on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and the page will also sclae to fit the facebook fan page iframe. You do not need to do anything the desktop link for your page will look good on all of those other devices. Just to make sure you get the maximium conversions.


    • Design Options Change on The Fly
      Give Your Pages a Professional Style With Ease


    • Tweet Payment Option
      Share Your Offer URL to Gain Instant Access


    • Featured Box Elements
      Add Professional Column Box for Your Pages



    What you can do with this plugin

    • Full Blog System
      Add new content that promotes your business that will generate more traffic/leads from twitter.
    • Give Away / Sell
      You can give away products for a small time frame and then force them to purchase if time’s up.
    • Add Your Video
      Add your business commercial or add your own your video for the front page to increase your lead generation.
    • Typography Fonts
      Make your pages beautiful with a few clicks using Google Fonts to change your page instantly.
    • Timed Lock Out
      After your set time the user will be locked out of the free offer and forced to purchase.
    • Send Twitter Traffic
      Force users to tweet your offer page to gain access to your offer within your time limit.
    • Full Content Pages
      Add all the content you need with the featured boxes, footer and wordpress post content.
    • Easy to Edit
      Change the background style, font and all of the content on the fly. Using the wordpress options panel.





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