[$6] WP Clever Bounce Plugin – Turns your “bounce” traffic to leads, sales, and commissions on autopilot.


    [$6] WP Clever Bounce Plugin - Turns your "bounce" traffic to leads, sales, and commissions on autopilot.



    EASILY & Automatically Control & Direct ALL Of Your Bounce Traffic From Every Part Your Website Intelligently To Customized Offers

    WP CLEVER BOUNCE is a wordpress plugin that allows you to capture your website BOUNCE traffic and cleverly redirect it to the appropriate offer.

    This will help youto keep visitors on your website longer, and intelligently redirect the visitors to the CORRECT page with a compelling offer.

    Using WP CLEVER BOUNCE you can now completely control every aspect of your website’s bounce traffic: as soon as the visitor hits the “back” button, you can control exactly where they will go.
    This includes categories from your website, specific pages, specific posts, sitewide, and even EXTERNAL sites!


    >> Instantly re-capture 50%+ of your bounce traffic and redirects them to any offer you choose

    >> Intelligently redirects the user based on their page, post, category or even sitewide location

    >> Increases your SEO ranking by massively reducing your “bounce” rate

    >> Offers your visitors a more personalized and customized experience leading to more sales and revenue for you

    >> Instantly gain up to 90% of your visitors back and increase your earnings as a result (all fully automated)

    >> Enable or disable CUSTOM redirects for categories, and specific pages and posts.

    >> Simple 8 second install that ANYONE can do. (FULL VIDEO TUTORIAL INCLUDED)

    >> Skip YEARS of frustration trying to “reduce” your bounce rate and start enjoying increased results as soon as TONIGHT

    >> Fully control external sites (non WordPress) from this plugin and redirect the traffic to wherever you like.

    >> And much MUCH more…




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