[$7 DIMESALE] Kickstart Survey – Put YOUR Survey On ANY Website


    [5 DAYS ONLY] Kickstart Survey - Put YOUR Survey On ANY Website


    Put YOUR Survey On ANY Website And Claim Their Authority For Your Own.

    Kickstart Survey is a cloud based software that will overlay a survey on top of any link, whether from CNN, FOX, BBC, Economist, Oprah, or anywhere else online, so you can do your market research there.

    Kickstart Survey allows you to:

    >> Quickly harvest the richest marketing data on the web.

    >> Build a highly segmented list of subscribers.

    >> Leverage the top media authorities and influencers marketing and branding campaigns to “piggyback” on…

    >> Retarget anyone that sees your survey, allowing you to remarket to them over and over again!

    >> Create a storehouse of key social data on every one of your future customers…

    >> And So Much More…


    Kickstart Survey Is A Unique Way To Build Your List and Sell To Them!
    No Downloads – No Installation – Cloud Hosted for You to Start Using Right Away


    Here’s how it works:

    >> Find a hugely popular article or website you want to share.

    >> Share your special link via email, Facebook, twitter, forums etc.

    >> Customize your survey overlay using the simple editor.

    >> Watch as each new lead brings with it a wealth of valuable market data.



    • Fully Customizable Overlays:
      Create professional overlays to place on any site you want to pull authority, market data and leads from.
    • Fully Mobile Responsive:
      Kickstart Survey displays beautifully on mobile devices for maximum market penetration.
    • Video Features:
      Kickstart Survey gives you the ability to overlay video as well as regular text to encourage even greater participation, attention and lead acquisition.
    • Smart Segmentation:
      Automatically segment your leads based on survey answers.
    • Retargeting:
      Drop a retargeting pixel into your survey and build a powerful retargeting list of all your survey users.
    • Backend CRM:
      Manage your new leads and contacts based on actions, social data and more with Kickstart Survey’s built in CRM.
    • Viral Sharing:
      All overlays are built to go viral by encouraging users to share your link once the survey is completed.
    • API integration:
      Kickstart Survey has seamless API integration with most autoresponders to make lead management, segmentation and list building easy.
    • Web-Based Platform:
      Kickstart Survey is an entirely web-based system. The whole platform can be accessed from a single dashboard and you won’t need to be updating plugins every 2 days.






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