CrediResponse – Send An Automatic Message To Anyone Who Comments On Your Facebook Page


    CrediResponse - Send An Automatic Message To Anyone Who Comments On Your Facebook Page


    REVOLUTIONARY FACEBOOK TOOL Now Sends An Automatic Message To Anyone Who Comments On Your Page


    With CrediResponse Every Customer Who Leaves A Comment On Your Facebook Post Gets A Personalized Response



    CrediResponse Will change the way you reach out to your customers and prospects on Facebook and make you super powerful.

    1. Talk to your customers and prospects and immediately turn them into rabid followers.

    2. Engage your customers 1-to-1 and get quick response and updates.

    3. Reduce support requests, problems by starting a personal conversation, passing on all the information you want.



    Crediresponse has the powerful features that you need to make things super automated with intervention only when required.

    1. Set up responses for post level and respond to anyone who comments.

    2. Set up page level responses and create a default response for anyone who comments on any post on your page.

    3. Personalize your message with the customer’s name, date, weekday and other details.


    See It In Action Here


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