[DIMESALE] WP Traffic Spider


    WP Traffic Spider


    Weird New “WP Traffic Spider” Software Turns Dirt Cheap Traffic Into Commissions

    WP Traffic Spider is a WordPress plugin that allows you to buy cheap, bulk-rate traffic and segment out the prime traffic based on country. 1000 visitors for a buck. And that’s not all.


    >> You can have high quality traffic from US, UK, CA, and AU/NZ go to paid offers and have junk traffic from “tire kicking countries” go to your Facebook fan page, blog, or anywhere else they would be useful

    >> You’ll see exactly what countries your traffic is coming from so you don’t get ripped off by dirty solo ad sellers

    >> You can promote multiple CPA offers at the same time through one link and have UK traffic go to one offer, AU/NZ traffic to another offer, US traffic to another offer, and CA traffic to another offer

    >> You can keep your list nice and clean by “routing away” crummy traffic before it even hits your squeeze page

    >> You can tap the virtually untapped Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Russian markets by routing them to specific foreign offers

    >> You can have your own CPA offers that route good traffic to your optin forms but keeps the crap traffic at bay

    >> You can track YouTube traffic to your site based on country

    >> You’ll stop getting serial refunders from typical “high refund countries” from getting anywhere near your site or squeeze page

    >> You can start your own solo ad agency and sell country-specific solo ads where you promise to send traffic that’s only from selected countries

    >> You can monitor geotargeted traffic from ad networks and make sure they’re delivering traffic only from the countries you agreed on

    >> You can sweeten the EPCs of your products by making sure junk traffic never hits your sales page

    >> You can send traffic from different countries to different payment processors when they check out

    >>You’ll discover even more uses for this plugin on your own





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