FeelSocial – Send Personal Messages to Your Entire Facebook Page


    FeelSocial - Send Facebook Personal Messages to Your Entire Facebook Page


    Brand New “All-in-One” FB Software Lets You Mass-Message Everyone Connected to Your FB Page Right Inside Their FB Inboxes With Unlimited Automated Follow Ups

    Automatically Mass-Message Personal FB Messages with One Click Forget Manual Follow-Ups Too – FeelSocial Automates it ALL!

    FeelSocial is completely unique and really opens up a whole new era of FB personal messaging for your customers to convert leads into sales inside the Facebook inbox.

    Facebook recently rolled out an entire new messaging API and FeelSocial makes it easy for your customers to take advantage of all the new features without being a programmer and without typing a single line of code.

    Imagine being able to broadcast a new discount or coupon code for a new offer to your entire FB page lead list? Or being able to trigger them into a series of messages determined by how they respond to previous messages?



    • Add Any Facebook Page
    • Mass-Message Custom Personal Messages
    • Create Entire Messaging Funnels
    • Super Customizations Create Rich, Graphical Messages
    • Set Custom Triggers
    • Set Custom Delays
    • Templates
    • Calendar
    • Sync Messenger Leads from Your Website


    >> Unlike ANY other Facebook messaging software ever released.

    >> World’s first easy-to-use all-in-one FB messaging software.

    >> Creates “lifetime FB messenger leads” that you can mass message 24/7, 365 days a year.

    >> Can send a message to thousands of FB prospects and reach them right inside their FB inbox with one click (goodbye manual one by one follow ups).

    >> Set up automated follow up responses if a prospect replies (new drag and drop technology).

    >> Have an entire sales conversation without ever logging into FB using special triggers and delays.

    >> Send them discount codes, coupons, surveys, FAQ answers, close high-ticket deals & more.

    >> FeelSocial messages support images, headlines, call-to-action links and more!



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    • Attention to Retention
    • WP Social Locker
    • WP Ad Slinger
    • Premium FB Graphics 2.0
    • FB Timeline Express Software
    • FB Legal Doc Creator
    • High Ticket Authority
    • Video Clipper Software







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