FREE: Digital Lock Down Software (MRR) + EZ Download Page Locker Script


    FREE: Digital Lock Down Software (MRR) + EZ Download Page Locker Script


    Quickly & Effortlessly Create Unlimited SECURE Download Pages and Stop Those Pesky, Annoying F’ing Digital Thieves Dead In Their Tracks…

    This software will walk you through the process of creating a secure download page — step by step. Simply fill in a few blanks (4 to be exact) and let the Digital Lock Down software do the rest for you.
    Repeat this simple process for as many secure download files as you need. This software will not limit you to the number of pages you create, so have a ball creating as many pages as you need. Hell, why not create a secure page for EVERY one of your downloadable files, making sure your profits remain in your pocket and not that of digital thieves!
    But Wait! That’s Not All!
    Our Digital Lock Down even hides the true location of your download file too. This is a GREAT feature when you don’t want anyone sharing the actual location of the download file — making this a truly secure download page.
    After all, what good does a protected download page do if the file location itself isn’t secure and can be accessed by others, right?

    You’re Getting Master Resale and Free Giveaway Rights to this software (salespage included)


    EZ Download Page Locker Script

    With this EZ Download Page protector script, you can password-protect your entire download page by just adding one line of PHP code to your page source.
    The script is easy-to-use, and can be added to as many of your download pages as you think is necessary.



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