FREE: Drizzle – A New Way To Make Money With Your Blog


    FREE: Drizzle - A New Way To Make Money With Your Blog


    Re-engage up to 80% of our current audience and let them buy your premium content via pay-per-article micropayments.

    Drizzle is the best tool to generate leads and increase your direct revenue by engaging casual readers and churned subscribers.

    Why Use Drizzle:

    Increase revenue
    Let casual readers on your website pay for individual pieces of content. Delight your website visitors with the most convenient and preferred payment option, pay-as-you-go micropayments.

    Generate more leads
    Partially wall your premium content and let your visitors provide their name and email in exchange for access. Drizzle enables your visitors to share their information and view your content with just one click.

    Grow traffic. Engage users.
    Your popular content on Drizzle gets promoted to all of our users, even those who haven’t visited your website. Drizzle engages new and returning visitors on your website by recommending popular and relevant content to them.




    >> Drizzle enables you to paywall any type of content: videos, podcasts, images, links, text, etc. With a single click, your visitors can share their information, micropay, or purchase a subscription to access the content.

    >> Recommend your most popular and most relevant content on Drizzle to visitors while they are on your website. Drive your traffic to your best work.

    >> You retain your Drizzle users’ information, such as name, email, location, demographic data, and browsing and purchase history. Easily export the information and integrate with Mailchimp.

    >> Drizzle monitors the performance of your paywalled content to help you maximize revenue. Drizzle will dynamically adjust the price of your content based on its popularity or will automatically remove a paywall from underperforming content.


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