FREE: Wp Viral Click Lite PLugin (Pro & MRR Available)


    FREE: Wp Viral Click Lite PLugin (Pro & MRR Available)



    FREE Secret, “Plug-and-Play” WP Plugin Will Unleash An Unstoppable Tsunami Of Visitors Straight To Your Blog

    WP Viral Click is a dead-easy-to-use, intuitive WordPress plugin that will allow you to create viral traffic at the click of your mouse.

    It’s easy…

    Just install it, run it and watch how you generate tons of viral visits to your blog.

    The best part is that all of the traffic you’ll generate will be targeted (or in other words, they will BUY or SUBSCRIBE … the ideal kind of traffic all marketers and bloggers are looking for!)


    >> You can also change every link from original website into your link

    >> You can add HTML code before and after the content (PRO only)

    >> You can add widgets to give effect and edit the content

    >> You can add a popup (PRO only)

    >> You can add a slide-in (PRO only)

    >> You can see the statisticsfor views and clicks

    >> And much, much more…


    The Fully-Featured PRO version With Master resale Rights Will Be Offered To You After Your Download



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