FREE: WpRevisitorContent Plugin


    FREE: WpRevisitorContent Plugin


    ReVisitor Content plugin for WordPress brings the power of retargeting to your website or blog, giving you unlimited ways to reconnect with your readers and subscribers.

    And unlike other solutions, there’s no complex scripts to write and install, no hacking your php files, and no hassle. Just an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that handles all the details for you:

    >> Track both returning visitors and subscribers with one simple setup.

    >> Customizable cookie setting lets you decide how long to remember your readers.

    >> Fully editable message content shows returning visitors exactly what they need to see.

    >> Add images, video and more to your ReVisitor Content for maximum effectiveness.

    >> Works with any autoresponder–no special apps or setup required.

    >> Use with unlimited mailing lists and know exactly which list your visitor has subscribed to.

    >> Add welcome messages and other customized content to your sidebar, footer, in posts or pages–wherever you need to grab your readers’ attention.

    >> No apps to build or code to configure–just install the plugin, click a few settings, and choose your messages. It’s that easy.

    >> Familiar WordPress WYSIWYG editor makes adding content a breeze.

    >> Simple link tracking means identifying your subscribers is as easy as adding a link to your email manager.




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