[LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT] SnipsPress Membership – Create Branded, Shareable Links Of Other People’s Content


    [LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT] SnipsPress Membership - Create Branded, Shareable Links Of Other People's Content


    Use Cutting Edge Technology To Turn Shared Content Into Your Personal Billboard

    Snips.Press works because it’s based on something called: borrowed authority.

    It’s the same idea behind putting those “as seen on…” Stickers all over your website. It’s authority by association.

    When you use Your Software Name to create branded, shareable links of other people’s content, what happens is that you are automatically associating your brand, your business, and your offer with the high level authority of the content that you are sharing…

    And it’s 100% legal!

    With Snips.Press technology you can:

    >> FINALLY start adding revenue streams to your business just by simply SHARING OTHER PEOPLE’s CONTENT… And you don’t even have to ask permission to do so…

    >> Turn a simple social content share into 386 brand-new leads in less than 24 hours… Without having to create a single piece of content yourself…

    >> Turn your list building campaigns, product offerings, and link building programs VIRAL by piggybacking off of globally popular brand names like the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and more…

    >> Completely eradicate the need for creating content yourself JUST to get likes and shares… If you struggle to keep up with the ever increasing demands of your audience to produce consistent content on a WEEKLY or DAILY basis… Just use Your Software Name to share other people’s content WITHOUT losing your own brand equity… and save yourself the stress…

    >> See which is the most popular social medium for your shares, track engagement, time on site and more. Quickly see which platforms are the most popular for sharing your content and driving visitors to your offers or lead pages…

    >> Share your content directly from our platform making it super simple to share multiple pieces of content quickly and easily. Save time by our one click share.

    >> Setup multiple campaigns to track which shared content works best for you, use campaigns to separate your niches and sites. You can see at a glance which content for which niche is giving you the best return on your time.

    >> List building becomes easy when you are using high quality authority content to get your message across, it makes your viewers much less reluctant to give you’re their names and emails…because they trust authority brands.

    Plus You Get Full Access To The Analytics Suite Built Directly Into Snips.Press!

    Because Snips.Press is a web-based software application, that means you never have to deal with downloading and installing plug-ins, dealing with bulky software, waiting for updates, or struggling to learn the program…everything is done instantly for you online.





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