Marketers Graphics Toolbox

    Marketers Graphics Toolbox


    Save Thousands of Dollars on Marketing Graphics Tools and Resources by Grabbing this MASSIVE collection of High Quality FREE Graphic Resources For Less Than The Price of Coffee For Two!

    Here’s some of what you’ll find inside…

    • Over 20 safe places you probably haven’t come across where you can get high quality stock images that are free for commercial use. (This list doesn’t include sites that everyone know about like Flickrr, etc.)
    • How to ensure you avoid legal issues with creative commons images.
    • A free 179 page book that teaches you Photoshop.
    • A WordPress plugin that will search and pull in images from a database of over 180 million images and add any necessary attribution information automatically.
    • Six of the best free image optimizers.
    • Access the best free online image editors. Some of these hands-down beat tools that have recently been sold on big launches!
    • A massive selection of really useful color pickers and scheme choosers. Never again will you produce a site that makes people wish they were color blind!
    • Nine fantastic sources of free fonts. All top quality.
    • Free Icons galore! Here’s my personal list of places that have thousands and thousands of open source icons.
    • Complete video training courses on various graphic tools. Don’t pay $80 for a training course – get one free!
    • The best free desktop photo editing/graphics suites. Yes things like Gimp are on the list, but there’s plenty I bet you’ve not heard of too!
    • Five different and totally awesome banner creators. Now doing those pesky ad banners won’t be a problem!
    • Amazing free tools that make those “all the rage” info graphics.
    • Plus Logo makers, button creators, headline generators, pattern generators, background makers, graphic licenses explained in plain English, Beginners guides and more!


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