Motion Mascots: 540+ Mind-Blowing Animated Characters To Make Your Videos Stand Out (+ Bonuses)


    Motion Mascots: 540+ Mind-Blowing Animated Characters To Make Your Videos Stand Out


    Make Highly Engaging, Profit-Generating Videos With 540+ Copy-And-Paste Animated Characters

    Looking to make your videos more unique, ENGAGING and make them stand out from the crowd?

    With tools like VideoMakerFX, Explaindio, VideoScribe, EasySketchPro and others it became even simpler to create your own videos.

    Unfortunately, the issue is still that thousands Of people use the same “Me Too” video graphics & templates…


    This premium ‘Motion Mascots’ bundle contains 540+ animated characters that you can use to spice up your videos, improve your conversions and boost up your sales!

    These done-for-you animated characters will give you an “extra” edge over your competitors for a FRACTION of the actual cost!

    Module 1: Businessman Tom
    Module 2: Businesswoman Patricia
    Module 3: 6 Pack Abs Guy Fred
    Module 4: Ecstatic Girl Jessica
    Module 5: Police Man George
    Module 6: Superhero PowerX
    Module 7: Salesman Bob
    Module 8: Fat Woman Mary
    Module 9: Wealthy Man Travis
    Module 10: Homeless Guy Paul
    Module 11 – Lawyer John
    Module 12 – Doctor Marry
    Module 13 – Chef Paul
    Module 14 – Fat Woman Margaret
    Module 15 – Fireman Mark
    Module 16 – Dancer Girl Veronica
    Module 17 – Businessman Daniel
    Module 18 – Magician Christopher
    Module 19 – Hot Girl Kira
    Module 20 – Angel Gregory
    Module 21 – Cleaner Girl Laura
    Module 22 – Nurse Patricia


    • Youtube Marketing Made Easy Course
    • The Ultimate Resource For Free Graphics Online
    • 12 Months Of Free Updates & Free Tech Support
    • Step-By-Step Video Trainings How To Customize Your Videos
    • Graphics Mystic VIP Facebook Group
    • 125 Animated Characters



    • 11 Social Media Whiteboard Graphics
    • 4 Scenes Whiteboard Graphics
    • YouTube Thumbnails
    • 6 Full HD Video Backgrounds
    • Health Characters
    • Product Headers
    • Infographic Template
    • Royalty-free Stock Photos




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