PoodlePay – Cloud Based Point-Of-Sale Inventory System


    PoodlePay - Cloud Based Point-Of-Sale Inventory System



    Still keeping track of your business records ‘by hand’? Get the world’s #1 best web app that saves you time & money

    PoodlePay! is the perfect 
customer relations & accounting app 
for all kinds of business owners

    PoodlePay! helps you save TIME and MONEY on all the stuff you’re used to doing, using the traditional ‘pen and paper’ method (even if you SUCK at using spreadsheets).

    By ‘going digital,’ your business record keeping practices will become more efficient & allow you to spend your time on more productive efforts, like marketing, selling, and making sure your customers are happy (so they return to you over and over again, and recommend you to their friends and family).

    This cloud-based software has helped 11,054 small business owners save an average of 11 hours / week on tasks such as:

    – tracking sales
    – logging inventory
    – building financial reports
    – managing staff
    – and more…

    It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

    1. Add Your Inventory
    Never lose track of merchandise ever again

    2. Add Your Clients
    Have your customers’ information at your fingertips

    3. Add Your Sales
    Track all your money coming in & out of your business



    The $2k/Day Offline Profits Secret

    ‘Deep Dive’ Live Webinar Session

    Special ‘Small Biz Owner’ Package



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