PushLeads Push Notifications App


    PushLeads Push Notifications App



    New Web App Builds Your Subscriber Base AND Profits With Astonishing 100% Delivery Rate Guaranteed

    It’s time for you to make hyper active subscribers list who open your messages and get engage with your push notification messages.

    They’ll open your message instead of thousand other marketers like you sending message in their mails or retargeting them on fb.

    Just what are push notifications?

    Basically, they’re simple messages that appear in front of any browser window … impossible to ignore, but instead of being annoying they COMPEL viewers to take action.

    Now You Can Put The UNLIMITED Power Of “Push Notification Messages” Into EVERY One Of Your Sites & Campaigns


    * Build Hyper Active Subscriber List On Autopilot that you can reach ANYTIME you want

    * Guarantee 100% ALL message deliverability to ALL subscribers – even for those OFFLINE when the messages are first sent

    * Use permission seeking buttons on landing pages OR subtle pop-up permission boxes that engage and compel users to take

    * Web app works on PC, Mac, Ipad and Mobile – set up new campaigns or send notifications from anywhere, anytime

    * UNLIMITED Push Notification – send push notifications for people using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, mobile – reach virtually ANY web user on any platform

    * You’ll NEVER be charged for usage – send UNLIMITED notifications for Life – engage & profit like never before with unlimited messaging … send content, friendly reminders and pure marketing messages without restriction

    * CUSTOMIZE the offer text AND call to action button – send personalized messages to market segments to SKYROCKET conversions & profits

    * PERSONALIZE with your own branding by adding logos and icons – effortlessly build your brand and authority to maximize long term sales

    * EXPORT your subscriber list with ZERO restrictions: upload to your autoresponder or add to your custom audiences so you can exploit as many profit channels as possible

    * INSTANTLY redirect subscribers to ANY offer, page or post you choose the second they click … for a massive increase in sales, profits and engagement

    * TRACK STATS with in-built tracking to optimize your results

    * Make HANDS-FREE sales & commission: You’ll never have to wait for emails to get delivered, opened and clicked. With Push Leads, subscribers are sent DIRECTLY to your offer page where they can take action INSTANTLY

    If you buy today, you’ll receive the following bonuses for free:

    • Optin Profits Formula (VALUE: $97)
    • Turbo List Builder Pro
    • Graphics Treasure Chest Volume 3 (VALUE: $197)
    • Traffic Profit System (VALUE: $99)
    • Video Profits Unleashed (VALUE: $99)
    • Wp Affiliate RockStar (VALUE: $97)
    • Dominate YouTube (VALUE: $67)
    • WP Image Studio (VALUE: $97)
    • WordPress Countdown Genius (VALUE: $67)




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