Soci Hub – Take Control Of 6 Of The Top Social Media Platforms In One Place (+Bonuses)


    Soci Hub - Take Control Of 6 Of The Top Social Media Platforms In One Place (+Bonuses)


    You No Longer Need Any Other Social Apps !!!
    Market To All Your Social Media Account’s From One Location

    Soci Hub is A brand new Social Media SaaS platform. This cloud software will allow you to take control of 6 of the top Social Media platforms all in one place. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube & Pinterest all in one easy to use dashboard.

    The one stop shop for creating viral traffic from all the top social media platforms, easy to use & simple to utilise all the networks without leaving any of the top ones out.

    Our auto-pilot posting, and multiple scheduling web application gives you complete control over your social media marketing.

    Create a post for Facebook and instantly have the same post optimised for Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest and Instagram.

    Schedule that same post to go out instantly or schedule it for different times on different networks.

    Soci Hub has many different features that will help you build your social media presence.

    >> One-Click Post – Use our one-click post to instantly upload any post to up to six networks

    >> Schedule Poster – Use our schedule poster to schedule your posts, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or even 1 year in front

    >> Facebook Pages – Post into any Facebook pages you manage

    >> Facebook Groups – Post into any Facebook groups you manage

    >> Post Images – Use images in your posts load them direct into Soci Hub

    >> Post Videos – Use videos in your posts

    >> Post Reports – Get a complete breakdown of how your posts are doing

    >> See Engagement – See the engagement on all posts

    >> And much more…


    Soci Hub Bonus One AGENCY RIGHTS
    The power of SociHub gives you the ability to utilise six networks and manage your posts in just a few easy clicks. So think of how simple and profitable it would be for anyone running an agency for multiple clients.
    You can look after all their social media campaigns and charge them for the privilege.



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