Tracks Social Giveaway App

    Tracks Social Giveaway App


    This Powerful Software Will EXPLODE Your List Growth!

    For the first time ever, you can get the exclusive rights to give away Tracks Social Profit App to other marketers, who can then give it away to their website visitors…

    …allowing you to collect email addresses from everyone who “activates” their copy of the Tracks Social Profit App…

    …creating a viral list building effect like never before.


    Three Ways TRACKS SOCIAL PROFIT Will Be Able To Help You Today Even If You Have No Website, Traffic Or Skills

    Build Your Email List
    This unique software will build your list on complete auto pilot. Imagine being able to give away software and it carries on working for you building more and more leads.
    Make Passive Income
    With advertising features built in, Tracks Social Profit will send visitors to your products or affiliate offer. All on complete auto pilot making a 100% passive income that works for you 24/7.
    Reach More Customers
    Tracks Social Profit instantly let’s you reach more visitors and potential customers than ever before. With the viral nature of the software the more its shared the more you reach.

    Here’s what you’ll get:

    >> Full giveaway license to Tracks Social Profit (Web application)

    >> Ability to rebrand app, add autoresponder to build your list, and insert advertising into the app

    >> Full sales page graphics and squeeze page (to give away with the software)



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