Warrior Locker – WordPress Protection Plugin


    Warrior Locker - WordPress Protection Plugin


    Instantly Lock Your Content With WarriorPlus.com And Take Advantage Of It’s Multiple Benefits!

    If you are a blogger or a value publisher, monetizing your website content should be done to make your advocacy keep going. Unless someone is sponsoring and pay you to do blogging for a certain project.

    The thing is that, there are many ways for you to monetize your blog. You can do paid space banner ad, Google Adsense, paid article review, affiliate marketing and others.

    But one of the new and not so popular way to monetize your blog is by simply asking payment to get the full access of a certain content or article value publised from your blog.

    There are some plugins and software that can do this but most of them are for the purpose of social media boost.

    The good thing about using WarriorPlus is that to provide access to your content are multiple namely; get email addresses, integrates with top autoresponder and the likes.

    This plugin is really easy to use. Besides this, it includes a user manual with step-by-step info.


    • Works with WordPress Page or WordPress Posts
    • WordPress Plugin (Don’t Need to Change Your Current Theme)
    • Take Advantage of All the WarriorPlus Benefits
    • Great Alternative to Regular Squeeze Pages
    • Very Easy to Use. Newbie Friendly.




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