WP Segmenting Machine Plugin


    WP Segmenting Machine Plugin


    New Game-Changing Plugin creates smart links that will enable you to Segment Your List In Just One Click and Completely Automate Your Campaign!


    You’ve probably heard of list segmenting, but what exactly is it?
    The quick answer is list segmentation is about creating smaller, more focused and targeted lists from your larger list…

    The more targeted and focused the emails you send to your list or segmented lists in this case, the more responsive your list will be…

    With “WP Segmenting Machine”, you can now PIN-POINT EXACTLY what your subscribers NEED and WANT, by letting the automation do the job for you in the back-ground…


    By creating your e-mail LINKS through “WP Segmenting Machine”, you will be able to program the system to move your subscribers automatically, to the niche(s) they like, without them even knowing it.

    This will allow you to create TARGETED follow-up messages and e-mail broadcast campaigns to get better ENGAGEMENT and make MORE SALES…



    >> Automate list segmentation and save hours of time

    >> Improve your ROI from your email marketing campaigns

    >> Build segmentation tree or segmentation machine with few click of a mouse

    >> Easy-to-use interface makes it “point and click” easy to manage your list

    >> Works with Aweber, Getresponse, and MailChimp



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